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Choose the correct variant

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I __________ a teacher
__________ two sons
He __________ like basketball
I'm reading. What __________ doing?
__________ he go for a walk every evening?
__________ some apples in the plastic bag
There isn't __________ fruit in the shop
__________ you play chess?
What are you doing now? I __________ a letter
Do you like __________ there?
I __________ to Ann's party last week
Why __________ yesterday?
Mike __________ to visit his parents on Sunday
Kate is good at maths but Jack is __________
Nick __________ this film
I've been working for "Mr. Z and Co" __________ last summer
I __________ on this project for two months
I __________ go to the "Astoria" restaurant but I don't any more
Mike doesn't like school and __________
I went to the doctor's yesterday and I __________ for half an hour
I __________ a newspaper last night when my friend rang
There was a robbery at the bank and all the money __________
.I __________ to the USA on business
Unless __________ hard, he'll fail the exam
If I were you, __________ skipping classes
He liked the party, __________ ?
I tried hard __________ my visa done in time
When I came to my friend's, Helen __________
After __________ his report he was back to work
I __________ go away next week
If he __________ this before, nothing bad would have happened
If I had asked the way, I __________ got lost
You __________ your homework before you came to the lesson!
By next year she __________ a mother
I've called him but no one picked up the phone. He __________ out
I'm thinking __________ out with him next Sunday
Would you mind __________ the door?
He didn't even notice me when passing by. He __________ in a hurry
__________ two tickets for the cinema
I've been sitting at home
I wish I __________ that
I'm looking forward __________ you again
In spite of __________ young she was very intelligent
Providing that __________ there, he will earn enough to buy a bike
He suffers __________ her absence more than he'd like us to think

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(099) 911-1-775
(067) 911-1-775
(073) 911-1-775


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